While it might be concerning if multiple students were on during the call, a one on one session shared with that user's parent is likely fine to share. Before sharing, think, "would I be comfortable if this video were leaked to social media or the press?" If so, go ahead and share the file. Not that that would ever happen, but that's a considerable factor.

In order to share the recording, you must have recorded the meeting, then after the meeting is ended by all parties, the video will be sent to a rendering queue. The completion time for rendering usually takes a little longer than the duration of the video. Afterwards, you get an email containing a link to the transcript of the chat, as well as the video itself. The video will be placed in your personal 'My Drive > Meets Recordings' folder. 

To share that video with the parent, access Google Drive, then visit your 'My Drive > Meets Recording' folder. Locate the recording, then right click the file, click share, add the email address of the parent. And if prompted, confirm that you want to share the file outside of the users within the domain. Change the pencil icon that appears next to the email field from 'Can Edit' to 'Can View' so that they cannot edit/delete the file. Upon sending, the parent will receive access to download the meet file.