As you're well aware - Clever is well into creating our student accounts (hallelujah!), with it there are a few workflows we're pioneering - at the current time when a legal name change occurs - please do as follows:

Handling the Name changes
  • Make the name changes in RenWeb and those will automatically be updated in Google by IDM Essentials
Handling the Email changes
  1. Adding an alias with the new name directly in Google. This will work, but this does not change the login email if the user is directly logging into Google. You have to login using your primary email address.
  2. Changing the primary email address. For now this will disconnect the IDM connection for the Google account. If you email Clever IDM <> the old email and the new desired email address, they can make the change for you.
In the case I received by email from a parent requesting the name to change, I think the student will prefer option 2: well handle this by letting know when you want the change to occur.